I'm 23.
I like sunshine and hammocks and autumn and smiles and laughter and meeting new people and reading and foreign cities and big cities and beautiful men and living (and feeling ALIVE) and learning and intellectual conversations and having a job I love and lazy mornings and early mornings and productive mornings and sports and pineapples and moonlight and looking up at the night sky and feeling overwhelmed and the first sip of a perfect cup of coffee and early morning runs and late night runs and running in general and and feeling pretty and bright colors and turtles and flowers and the feeling of reaching the top of a mountain and kindness and helpfulness and nice strangers and friends and family and friends who feel like family and being dynamic and singing when no one's around and waking up to a beautiful day.

Everyday is a beautiful day.

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Undergrad complete.

Offer letter signed.

Graduation in 2 days.

Thankful for an excellent four and a half years.

Its time to move on.

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Undergraduate career: OVER

Classes = done.

2 papers and 1 final to go.

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Back from a WONDERFUL weekend with college friends.

So so SO happy right now. Attended a wedding and toured MA with friends. Beautiful times. 

Diet and exercise went to crap, but it was worth it. Back on it tomorrow.

Loveeeee my friends.

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Today's must read: "The Opposite of Loneliness"


This article was written for a special edition of the Daily News distributed at the Yale 2012 commencement exercises last week. The author, Marina Keegan, died in a car accident on Saturday. She was 22.

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And…its over.

Graduation has ended, friends are going home/moving away to start jobs.


I can’t imagine what another semester without some of my closest friends will be.


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Classes are over…and finals begin Saturday, bright and early at 8 am.

Skipping my workout today to nap, study, and study some more.

I feel bad, but I need all the study time I can get. 

Still calorie counting, so I don’t feel too bad.


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credit goes to someone on facebook who posted this…not mine

credit goes to someone on facebook who posted this…not mine

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95% done!

Calling it a night. Or day…? It is 7:53 AM…

Anyway. FOOTBALL TODAY. GO PATS. Should be a win.

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I’ve been working on a project for 19 hours. And we are still not done.

Christmas music and Disney songs will get me (and my boys) through this.

One sad note…didn’t work out today. This can be my break day. I’m still under 1500 calories though!

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And this is why I love UMD….

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My favorite memories of college won’t be my nights out, but my nights in. Good conversation, and good company.

What else can you ask for?






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